Outsourcing payroll

There are many benefits of outsourcing your payroll function including reducing stress and leaving more time to reinvest in growth. In addition, it removes the burden of keeping up with the latest legislation and best practice. At Brown & Co [...]

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Planning your estate: wills

A study from YouGov found that 62% of the UK's adult population did not possess a will in 2017. However, writing a legally valid will is an essential part of planning for the future to ensure your property, money and [...]

2018-12-03T13:05:57+01:00December 3rd, 2018|Estate Planning|

Starting a business

Spotted a gap in the market and have a bright idea? Then you'll need to test, prepare and assess the risks and opportunities to give your new business the best chance of survival. Read our guide here to see what [...]

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De-registering for VAT

If your business turnover is predicted to fall below £83,000 over the next year, it can voluntarily de-register for VAT. You will also need to consider how assets, stock and post de-registration expenses should be treated. Read our guide here [...]

2018-11-06T12:52:38+01:00November 6th, 2018|VAT|

Using pension funds in your business

As traditional loans fall out of favour with increasing numbers of business owners, you may be looking for an alternative route for financing - and your pension could be the answer. Read our guide here to see how your pension [...]

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Capital allowances

Capital allowances provide the mechanism for tax relief on certain types of capital expenditure essentially providing a deduction against profits. Are you maximising your capital allowances position? Read our guide here to see how to minimise business tax in 2018//19.

2018-09-03T11:23:43+01:00September 3rd, 2018|Corporate Tax|

Tax on residential property

First time buyers in England, Northern Ireland - and for a short time in Wales - were the biggest winners in the most recent shake-up to affect property taxes in Autumn Budget 2017. How has devolution affected what tax you [...]

2018-09-03T11:22:44+01:00September 3rd, 2018|Property Tax|

Capital gains tax planning

Whether you're a buy-to-let landlord, a shareholder, an art dealer or you fall somewhere in between, the chances are you will be familiar with paying capital gains tax. How can you reduce your capital gains tax bill in 2018/19? Read [...]

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