Different Types of Business Structures

When starting a new business, what structure is best? Sole trader, partnership or limited company? As your business grows, it is important to evaluate whether the structure you started with is still the right one. There are other questions to [...]

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Low Risk Ways to Start a Business

So you've got business idea, and you think it might be a runner. Is now the right time given the current uncertainties? And where do you go from here? There are certain things that you can do to get your [...]

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Construction Industry Scheme

The construction industry scheme sets out rules for how payments to subcontractors for construction work must be handled by contractors in the industry, taking into account the subcontractor's tax status. We take a look at who the scheme affects and [...]

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Identifying Inefficiencies in a Business

One of the key principles in achieving greater efficiency is identifying recurring problems and addressing the cause rather than applying the same hack every time. Areas to improve efficiency could include cashflow, processes, accounting and tax. The greatest potential for [...]

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The Scourge of Late Payments

When you supply goods or services, you expect to be paid promptly, but there is a deeply embedded culture of late payments. For some businesses, delaying payment is an essential part of the business model. Outstanding payments are problematic for [...]

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Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

It has been a challenging and eventful few years for UK businesses from the continued pressure of uncertainty relating to Brexit to events such as extreme weather and cyber-attacks. How would your business cope if it was affected by something [...]

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The politics of tax breaks

Tax reliefs, or tax breaks as they are sometimes called, aren't without controversy. Critics say there are too many of them and deny the public purse much needed funds. In January this year, a think tank published the results of [...]

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